boyparts ROBERT DALLAS (HEART).jpg

BOYPARTS is a collection of individually collaged found images. Each BOYPART has been crafted into the ideal form by taking provocative selections of the male body and constructing them in a way to represent a unique take on male sexuality. The sexuality of the male form can be represented in many ways, however the BOYPARTS collection evokes the viewers eye by suggesting areas of the body that are not physically included in the image. By not including a full body form, it allows the viewers eye to create the remaining portions of the body. In some ways this allows the fragmented images to become even more personal to each viewer.  I started creating BOYPARTS as a way to empower not only myself but the viewer as well. Beauty and sexuality are fabricated by the mind. Once you realize what you want, observe someone who has it already and find a way to collage it into yourself. To be everything and anything you want, you must empower yourself.